About WDS IT

WDS IT, LLC, headquartered in Olathe, KS, is a leading provider of software development and technology consulting services to medium and large businesses. Wesley Stueve founded 21 Concepts in 2007 and subsequently founded WDS IT in June 2010 to focus on becoming a full-service IT consultancy.

WDS IT is principally engaged in offering a range of services and solutions that include service oriented architecture, e-commerce, content management, database, and mobile engagements. In addition, the company offers advanced IT, business intelligence, and business integration solutions. WDS IT serves industries such as public transportation, e-commerce, not-for-profit, architecture/engineering/construction, and retail.

Our architects can design scalable, flexible and secure software using design principles that are tried and tested. The software we design for the web, desktop or mobile interface is guaranteed to adapt to and withstand the test of changing technology landscapes and architectural paradigms. We employ secure coding guidelines to deliver applications that cannot be compromised. We apply scalability techniques and principles to ensure that your software product or application is always in sync with expanding business demands.

Wesley Stueve, CEO/Lead Architect

As sole owner of WDS IT, Wes provides application and web development services utilizing Microsoft and open source platforms. He is continuously looking for opportunities to improve processes and technology development. Prior to founding 21 Concepts and WDS IT, Wes was the application development manager for Henderson Engineers, Inc., the world's largest (by square footage) retail architectural engineering firm. Programming since the age of 10, Wes has 15+ years of professional experience.

Wes is a graduate of Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. While attending KSU, Wes was invited to join the Putnam Mathematics Competition team. During this time, KSU was ranked #1 among all public US universities in this competition. Wes has completed several projects overseas as well as foreign studies. Wes currently sits on the UMKC Computer Science Constituent Advisory Board and helps set curriculums as well as matching young programmers with companies looking for interns.

Wes is a tremendous programming resource -- which I’ve had the opportunity to work with for more than a year -- supplying advanced coding products in C#/.NET and MetraNet as well as solid consulting in other areas. He is personable to work with and able to simplify information for the management team so we can make informed decisions. Wes excels at whatever he puts his hand to; he doesn't like to just do something, he likes to do it well. Highly recommend.
R. Babbitt, Project Manager

R. Knight, Lead Database Architect

Mr. Knight is a senior database professional with extensive experience in a variety of challenging positions over more than the past 20 years. He has significant expertise in Business Intelligence, Data Modeling; Database Implementation, Administration, and Performance Tuning; n-Tier Applications Development; and Data Center Implementation. He is experienced with databases in excess of 1TB of data as well as highly concurrent web databases with thousands of concurrent users. Mr. Knight's passion is consulting. For the past 14 years, he has focused primarily on SQL Server technology.

Randy has made SQL Server a success in our enterprise. Through Randy's vision, strategy and leadership we have been able to take what was once viewed as a liability into an organizational strength. I can recommend Randy with no hesitation. We are fortunate to have him here and look forward to much more success under Randy's leadership and deep technical prowess.
A. Rencher, Lead Program Manager

D. Chugg, Lead QA Engineer

David Chugg is an experienced QA professional with over 25 years in the industry. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science as well as a Master of Science in Administrative Management.

David has a profound understanding of software development and has been instrumental in the automated testing for the open electronic fare collection system used by WDS IT clients. David is an esteemed colleague who is pleasant to work with. He goes above and beyond to ensure that the system is correct prior to his approval. David has proven performance in optimizing operations, improving efficiency, and keeping costs down due to errors. David is an expert at automated testing theory as well as the QA process.

Dave is highly motivated and great to work with. He spent time in testing and in development while I worked with him, and he is competent with both. He works hard to produce results, and his positive attitude never fails.
Steve T., Lead Engineer