WDS IT delivers business value with our range of services for custom software, database solutions, mobile applications and resource management. All of our service offerings follow WDS IT operational processes and guidelines to provide the highest quality solution with fewer issues, less rework and lower cost. When you combine this with our top-notch resources, the result is an expert solution delivered on time and to your exact specifications.

  • We specialize in distributed applications and integrations. Our API first approach to development lowers costs for integration into your business processes resulting in a better bottom line. WDS IT can architect, design, and QA your solution for you. We can also guide you through strategies and operations with our consulting services. We have worked on integrations that processed millions of transactions per day. WDS IT can be your expert.
  • Improve company capabilities and reduce costs with our rDBA remote database administration and monitoring service offering. We allow your people to focus on business oriented tasks and keep the lights on for a fixed cost. We have nationally known talent and years of experience with high availability, high transaction load systems.
  • Allow our company to be your expert. We are masters of performance tuning and analysis. We save you money on hardware and extend the life of applications with our optimization engagements. We also help with project based work or server configurations. Our team lead is a national speaker for SQL Server and both our CEO and team lead have tier I data experience.
  • WDS IT consultants are experts in native iOS and Android development. Obtain better intelligence by having your information sooner and reach a bigger audience with WDS IT's mobile apps and mobile commerce solutions.