Application Development Services

We deliver business value and quality assurance. Our consultants can offer their many years of diverse experience to make your company more successful. This allows your business to form better strategies and increase operational efficiency. It is well worth the investment in your company to hire the best people you can find.

WDS IT utilizes agile methodologies to build high quality business applications using standard technology stacks like Microsoft.NET, Java, and open source. Our processes, management, and development methods are geared to streamline development with a heavy dose of automation. We use shorter, rapid cycles to eliminate miscommunications and misconceptions about the project early on. This results in a higher quality product which provides the greatest value.

Great work and thanks to all involved. I know this has been a major milestone for us in the relationship with [our client] and proving the performance of the eO system in production. Much appreciated.
S. Gallagher, CEO

Core Competencies

  • Business Requirements
    WDS IT will help you to develop streamlined requirements which are very visual and hands on in nature. We like prototyping and using simple mocking techniques to make requirements work quicker and more clear for everyone involved.
  • Enterprise Architecture
    Our team has experience working with systems processing millions of transactions per day. We know how to scale, how to keep it running and how to keep it safe. Our product and development strategy is to maximize reuse and reduce technical debt as much as possible.
  • User Experience
    We examine goals for use cases and work our way back. This often leads to an optimization for the user experience. Even for internal business applications, user experience matters. We allow our clients to tap into our extensive knowledge and talent about user interaction.
  • Quality Assurance
    With dedicated quality assurance consultants, you will be assured that your project will be of high quality and meet your requirements before it is in you hands. This is an area we invest heavily in automating. Our tools and expertise set us apart from the competition.
  • Management Consulting
    Often, WDS IT works with clients who have existing IT departments. We help and work with managers to discover processes and tools which work within their culture. It is just one more way an engagement with WDS IT can provide value when you need it.