Remote Database Administration

Companies are always trying to find ways to save on costs and increase capabilities. Chances are database administration and data protection are not core capabilities of your business. It does not make sense to invest in the training, overhead and management complexity associated with keeping your database servers running. What could be a fixed, nominal cost turns into a rising cost with a long term lower return.

Your company can seemlessly outsource this function to our trusted, US based experts for less than a full-time DBA. Our consultants are SQL Server MVP's, nationally known speakers and have over 70 years of combined experience. On average, a full-time Database Administrator's (DBA) salary is nearly $90,000. This doesn't account for overhead, taxes, holidays, benefits, the list goes on... The real cost is closer to $150,000 per year. For senior, expert staff like you get with WDS IT, that figure would be much higher.

We have developed three service offerings based on different functions DBA's normally perfom. Read on to find out more or contact us for a free consultation.

rDBA Service Plans

Our rDBA service plans are designed to keep your production databases safe and running at peak performance. WDS IT becomes your expert DBA, and, with it, your company gets all of our experience, vast script library, automation tools and monitoring tools to proactively maintain your production data. To do this, we have created three tiers to meet a wide variety of needs.

  • Built for companies that need critical data protected from loss or prolonged outages.
  • Includes basic database administration.
  • Monitoring of backups and jobs.
  • Basic disaster recovery and storage monitoring.
  • Version upgrades and patches.
  • For companies with mission critical data who need to minimize down time during critical periods or all together.
  • All basic services.
  • 24/7/365 proactive resource monitoring.
  • High availability services and monitoring.
  • Fault management and monitoring.
  • Proactive disaster recovery strategies.
  • Extended alerts.
  • For businesses with very large data sets or performance sensitive critical data.
  • All Monitored services.
  • 24/7/365 on-call resource.
  • Initial performance assessment and analysis.
  • Performance monitoring, alerts and analysis.
  • Compliance and table access audits.
  • Encryption configuration services.
  • Monitoring analysis of data clusters, mirrors and replication.
  • Quarterly disaster recovery plan review.

pDBA Service Blocks

This offering allows companies to gain access to our expert database architecture and development knowledge and augment internal development staff. We realize DBA's are expensive and not needed full-time on many projects even though they provide tremendous value for data centric projects. Front or back loading this work often doesn't help as things change or become too difficult to change. pDBA allows teams to scale DBA resources to fit to exactly what is needed for the full project lifecycle. Let our experts speed development and keep you out of performance pitfalls and bad designs. This is a great value add for any company developing data driven applications.

We are trained in best practices for SQL Server. Our senior, expert DBA will integrate with your development team and project schedule to take over or consult on database architecture, database development, reporting, jobs/scheduling, analytics, database versioning, deployment and application design. Our team has has years of experience with large, high availability, distributed applications and can assist your team in delivering higher quality, more resilient applications.

Save money and increase quality by using the right resource for the job.

Accomplish your strategic objectives at your pace and gain more value from your development efforts by using a team of world class consultants. We train your team as we go. Increase your development capabilities and competitive advantage with this service.

Starting with blocks of 10 hours per month. No long term committment - we will surpass your expectations.

tDBA Remote Support

This service is designed for more capable teams who would like the insurance and piece of mind of having support for critical situations. When disaster strikes, time literally becomes money. We offer a rotating staff of experts on call 24/7/365 to reduce the amount of time you are down.

As an added bonus, this service allows your team email and phone support for day-to-day and development tasks with extended support hours. We only assign senior, expert staff to this service, so we will waste no time in answering your question or getting you unstuck. It's a lot of value for the small price tag.

Keep an expert in your nuclear briefcase.

Monthly plan plus time billed in hourly increments.